What is a Period Underwear?

Today, you can find quite a lot of period products available in the market. You can buy these products both online and offline. As you search for the type of period product ideal for you, you will also find period-proof panties.

Any woman in her menstruation cycle can use period underwear to ensure the secretion keeps soaking in a comfortable way. The design of period underpants is such that they have multiple layers of microfiber, but they’re designed to keep moisture away from the skin. The menstrual blood keeps soaking and the skin also stays safe from rashes.

The period undies are made from a fabric that works best at soaking moisture with the help of thousands of small filaments. All the fine fibers in the cloth keep the blood from leaking out and onto the outer clothing. The layer on the outside of the period underwear includes nylon and lycra materials. And under the topmost layer, a liquid-repellent finishing is there to ensure a superior level of period protection.

We will now look at the reasons that show why period underpants are so popular and trendy.

Available in Different Styles

The problem with other types of period products is that they take up their own space inside regular underpants. Also, these products are never a part of the clothing. However, the cool thing about period underwear is that they are similar to regular panties. This means that period underpants come in many different styles and designs with lots of colors to choose from.

The design range is simply a lot - from thongs, bikinis, and full to other designs can be found in period underpants. This way, ladies are able to look and feel amazing, while getting the feel of a regular pair of undies.

Much More Comfortable

There are some ladies that think that using pads is much of a fiddle thing. Be it tampons or other period products, there is a product that can give you a comfortable experience. On the other hand, period underwear is something that not only soaks period blood well but also brings the same comfort as that of a regular underwear.

Can be Used in a Swimming Area

Be it a swimming pool or a lake, you can always rest assured while wearing period underwear. Period underpants are known for being swim-proof. Ladies always love to go for a swim while wearing period underwear. You can buy such womens underwear online at Modibodi NZ, as swimming is also a big reason behind the popularity of period panties.

Can be Reused

Unlike the traditional forms of menstruation products, that have to be thrown in the dustbin after using once. Period underwear comes with the advantage of reusability - making them so popular among ladies. All you need to do is rinse the period pants in tap water and then put them in a washing machine after soaking. With proper care, you can rest assured that a single pair of period underwear will last for 3 to 4 years.