Successful completion of multiple projects is the key to growing fast. And a highly competent team equipped with advanced technology and essential tools is the key to the successful closing of multiple projects. Therefore, 80% of organizations trust various types of engineering practice management software or digital tools. 

Project management software is just like a business tool kit that has all crucial tools from planning to budget management and progress tracking to real-time reporting features. Therefore, it not only saves time but also improves the productivity and efficiency of the workforce which results in the overall growth of the company. 

Various platforms of business tools such as BQE Core are serving the corporate world with a huge variety of project management software. However, each software is designed with unique specifications, and features. Therefore, it's important to consider the needs or requirements of your business before final purchase. 

Some must-have features of project management software are listed below 

Planning and Task Management 

Planning is one of the biggest and most time-consuming processes in project management. And sometimes small things take more than 2-3 days to arrange properly, which results in less time remaining for working on a project. However, the use of project management software can create a big difference. 

The planning feature of the project management tool provides a streamlined, automatic, and effective roadmap for the successful completion of multiple projects. It cut the need for paper, charts, or manual calendars by providing dashboards. 

After planning the second biggest task that determines the success ratio of the project. Therefore, it is another must-have feature of project management software. It goes through the essential information of all employees including their niche, experience, or skills, and then allocates tasks to them. It results in the timely and accurate completion of each deliverable.  

Resources and Budget Management 

To provide customers with promising output, it's crucial to manage resources, and budget wisely. Therefore, make sure the project management software you selected for your company must have the resources and budget management features. 

This feature helps in the accurate distribution of resources and budget tracking. The real-time reporting of expenses helps to control the budget and complete the project within the assigned range of money. 

Time Tracking 

To complete multiple projects effectively and win more projects for your company, punctuality is the key. Therefore, it's crucial to have a time tracking feature or tool in your project management software. It provides work dashboards to all employees that present all essential milestones of a particular project on one page. And provide real-time analysis of which part of the project takes how much time to complete. 

This feature helps the project manager to estimate the required time for the completion of similar projects, and also boosts employees' work potential by providing them with easy access to their working hours and payment details.  

Communication Funnel 

When working on multiple projects, different teams work together to ensure quality work. They often need to communicate or discuss certain points before starting work or even in mid of the project.  This element requires a communication feature in project management software. 

Effective project management software provides a communication funnel by providing all important details of the project in one table. All concerned persons can easily access that information and discuss it with other teams or higher management from any place. 


The project management department also needs to interact with other departments and teams such as HR or payroll. And buying separate software for each team is an expansive and complicated process. The best solution to this problem is to buy project management software with integration features. 

It helps to contribute to other teams by providing them login access and other departments also.

Bottom Line 

Implementation of project management software is crucial to compete with the growth speed of the modern corporate world. It eliminates the risk of errors, delays, and overflow of expenses. Having a project management tool cuts the need for long charts or manual working calendars and provides a straightforward road map to success. 

To gain maximum output, make sure to select software that is reliable, affordable, and can align with the needs or requirements of your business. This is why it is recommended to give BQE CORE a try. It’s easy to use, affordable and comes with advanced functionality.