In recent years, we have seen a steady rise of “clean eating” trends. Fortunately, the food industry is evolving and there has been a shift from processed foods to more natural ingredients.

We are also seeing a rise in the demand for vegan dishes. This can be attributed to many people switching to a vegan lifestyle because of health reasons or ethical concerns. The popularity of cafes and bakeries that sell vegan food proves this point as well.

Read on to find out the latest food trends! 

1. Artisan bread

Bread is a staple food in most countries and cultures. There are a lot of varieties of bread, but artisan breads are healthier and more flavourful. 

Artisan bread is a term that means made by hand. Bakeries or cafes emphasise quality ingredients and traditional methods. Artisanal, on the other hand, refers to the process of making something with an individual touch, not mass-produced.

Unlike industrially baked bakery items, artisan bakers use all-natural ingredients such as flour with whole grains and seeds. These loaves also tend to have shorter fermentation periods so their flavour is more pronounced than that of industrially baked goods.

Cafe distributors like Suprima Bakeries offer artisan bread wholesale for cafe and business owners.

2. Natural ingredients

In the food industry, natural ingredients are favoured over artificial ingredients. This is not just because consumers are becoming more conscious of what they eat and how they feel. It’s also because natural ingredients can often provide a healthier alternative to artificial ones.

Incorporating natural ingredients into your menu can be a great way for customers to feel better and healthier.

3. Vegan dishes

Vegan dishes are not necessarily vegetarian, but they exclude animal products.

Some of the popular vegan dishes include quinoa and avocado, pasta and tomato sauce, veggie sushi, and soup.

Vegan dishes may also be healthy because they do not contain high levels of saturated fat that is usually found in meat dishes.

Wrapping up

Finding out about food trends is always an exciting prospect. Australians are now looking for ways to stay fit and healthy. These trends are a reflection of this need. As cafe or restaurant owners, it would be great to add new items on the menu.

You can choose to add artisan bread and vegan dishes, making sure you use natural ingredients.