Keeping a Siamese Betta fish is rewarding, fun, and challenging all at the same time. If you are not familiar with this type of betta fish, it is because they are gaining popularity. The unique physical characteristics and different looks make them stand out from the rest of the common bettas. But keeping a Siamese Betta fish requires specific care. That’s because Siamese Betta fish have some special requirements beyond what other types of betta fish need to thrive. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about keeping a Galaxy koi betta fish happy and healthy.

What is a Galaxy Koi Siamese Betta Fish?

The Galaxy Koi Betta fish is a type of Siamese Betta fish. They are common in Thailand, and they are also called the “Royal Siamese Fighting Fish”. This is because the tradition of fighting fish dates back to the royal courts of Thailand. They are smaller than a standard Betta fish and have a long and flowing tail fin. This is the main difference between the Siamese and the standard Betta fish. The Galaxy Koi Betta fish is a species of freshwater tropical fish. This means that they require warm water, and they cannot survive in water below a certain temperature. They are uniquely friendly, and they make great pets for both beginners and veterans alike.

Housing and Environment

When it comes to housing, the Galaxy Koi Betta fish require at least a 5-gallon tank. A bigger tank is better, though. You can house one or two Betta fish in a 10-gallon tank. Keep in mind that Siamese Betta fish are very territorial and aggressive. They are active swimmers, so they need a fair amount of space. Betta fish are tropical fish, so they cannot survive in cold water. Make sure your tank is kept at a constant warm temperature between 76°F and 86°F. Galaxy Koi Betta fish are messy fish, so an aquarium with a strong filter is recommended. A filter will remove waste from the water, and it will keep the water clean for your Betta fish.

Diet and Nutrition

The Galaxy Koi Betta fish is an omnivore, and it can survive on both plant and animal products. It is recommended that you feed your Betta fish sinking pellets or flake food. Betta fish are not picky eaters, but you need to make sure that the food you are feeding them is healthy and nutritious. Betta fish are prone to becoming obese and developing a disease called “fatty liver.” Feeding your Betta fish high-quality food will help avoid this. Betta fish love live food. This includes insects, worms, and mosquito larvae. You can feed your Betta fish with these nutritious live foods. Avoid feeding your Betta with food that has high quantities of fat. This can lead to diseases and obesity.

Tips for keeping a healthy Galaxy Koi

- Betta fish are territorial, and they will often fight with each other. Keeping only one Betta fish in a tank is recommended.

- Betta fish can survive in freshwater, but they prefer living in a brackish environment. Make sure that your tank water is not salty.

- Betta fish are very sensitive to changes in water temperature and pH levels. Keep your tank at a constant temperature and pH level.

- Betta fish are messy fish, so make sure that your tank is cleaned regularly.

- Betta fish are tropical fish, so make sure your tank is kept warm.

- Betta fish are prone to becoming obese and developing diseases like fatty liver. Feed your Betta fish nutritious food to avoid diseases.

Breeding Process

The Galaxy Koi Betta fish can reproduce in two ways. The first way is by having the female lay eggs, and the male fertilises those eggs. The second way is by having the male wrap his fins around the female while mating. This is called “wrapping,” and it is a type of breeding that is common in the Siamese Betta fish. For breeding to occur, you need to have a male and a female Betta fish in the tank. 

The female Betta fish is larger than the male, and she has a protruding gut. The male Betta fish has a long and flowing tail fin. Betta fish breed between September and October, but this breeding season can sometimes last until November. When breeding occurs, the male Betta fish will aggressively chase the female. He will wrap his fins around her and swim around the tank while they mate.


The Galaxy Koi Betta fish is a type of Siamese fighting fish that is native to Thailand. It is a smaller variety of Betta fish that is distinguishable by its long and flowing tail fin. The Galaxy Koi Betta fish requires warm water and can survive in freshwater. These fish are messy, so they require a strong filter to clean the tank. Feeding your Betta fish nutritious food and cleaning their tank regularly will keep them healthy and happy. Breeding Betta fish is also common, and you can learn how to do this with your Galaxy Koi Betta fish.