Aesthetics Pro Online EMR is a medical spa management system that offers a reliable and fully customizable platform for medical aesthetic businesses to use in order to organize their patients' electronic health records. In addition, Aesthetics Pro Online wants to provide you with a comprehensive solution for your medical spa by including a calendar, electronic records, electronic photographs, and the ability to generate reports. Athenahealth is a system for comprehensive practice management that is hosted in the cloud. Offers a homepage that users and patients can use to check the doctor's schedule, make appointments, view their electronic health records, and participate in patient engagement activities. In addition, it is integrated with a smartphone app that may be used at the point of care.

If you wish to learn more about the two softwares, keep reading the article as it will bring into limelight the features, pricing and demo.

Aesthetics Pro Software

AestheticsPro is a medical spa management solution that is cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, and features staff management, calendar management, client management, point-of-sale, and marketing management functionalities. The solution was developed by AestheticsPro. Users are given the ability to handle employee timesheets, payroll, commissions, and tips through the usage of the staff management function. Users are able to control the scheduling of staff members and prevent instances of overbooking with the use of staff calendars. Users of Aesthetics Pro online are given the ability to store all client information in charts that are HIPAA-compliant. Users are able to login from any location using their own devices and see their records.

Aesthetics Pro Key Features

Cloud-based Security

With Aesthetics Pro Online, your records are only accessible to the staff members who you have given permission to view them. In addition, by encrypting every electronic transaction with 128-bit key length, the point of entry safeguards each and every piece of information you provide. Your company's data will always remain protected and secure when you use Aesthetics Pro.


It's possible that a conventional EMR software bundle will cost a big penny. As a result, purchasing E-Records from Aesthetics Pro online will only set you back a fraction of the original price. In addition, Aesthetics Pro gives your business all the advantages of a centralized document storage and backup solution without the need for an expensive information technology infrastructure or the support staff that would be necessary to manage it. The prices offered by Aesthetics Pro are reasonable, all things considered.

Appointment Scheduling

Aesthetics Pro gives both new and returning customers the ability to schedule appointments online. You are able to plan appointments and keep track of them based on the provider, room, or equipment. In addition, map resources are offered in order to facilitate efficient and timely scheduling as well as resource management. In addition, you have the ability to review and make changes to confirmed appointments, as well as use the tool that sends automatic email confirmations.

Aesthetics Pro Pricing

The software has three pricing options: Solo Provider, which costs $125 per month, Enterprise, which costs $185 per month, and Enterprise Plus, which costs $245 per month.

Aesthetics Pro Demo

Users can access a free demo on the website. Demos assist users in becoming acquainted with the software's functionality.

Aesthetics Pro Reviews

This "all in one" business management solution is best exemplified by Aesthetics Pro Online, which is both easy to use and comprehensive. All inquiries, no matter how large or small, receive a speedy response from the customer service team, which makes every effort to provide answers as soon as possible.

Athenahealth EHR

Athenahealth EHR was established in 1999, and it is currently utilized by more than 85,000 medical practitioners. The company's employees, who call themselves athenistas, number more than 4,000. Athenahealth EHR is a powerful and user-friendly solution that places a strong emphasis on technology and innovation in order to provide "optimal information with least distraction, and never get in the way of care."

Athenahealth EHR Key Features


Athenahealth's reporting feature exceeds the functionality of every other medical software we evaluated. You can examine weekly or monthly reports and modify them in nearly any way you'd like. The amount of data that can be screened is almost astonishing, which is a significant advantage for practices who wish to advance by utilizing data-driven insights.


The calendar can be seen in a daily, weekly, or monthly manner by front-office personnel and providers. Use the quick reference tabs to check on the number of planned patients who are now in the office, the number of encounters that have previously taken place, the number of unscheduled patients who have requested appointments, and the number of outstanding lab and imaging orders that are available for review.


It is simple to view different types of patient information in the charting tool. Providers can toggle between tabs that display each information category, including past notes. This functionality also allows providers to record encounter information using templates, free text, or voice. The templates are modifiable and can be linked to various appointment kinds.

Athenahealth EHR Pricing

Athena software has not shared its pricing information with users but if one is interested then the vendor can be contacted for further details.

Athenahealth EHR Demo

A demo is very useful if one wants a teaser of how the software works. Demos help one to get familiar with the software before actually investing in it.

Athenahealth EHR Reviews

Users have noted that the possibilities of its automation take on administrative tasks at a speed and scale that increases productivity. However, putting athenahealth into practice can be a time-consuming process. Users have further expressed their opinion that the UI is neither user-friendly nor intuitive.


The features and details discussed above are enough to delineate how both softwares’ operate. They will help you decide which software is suitable for your practice.