Blonde hair is beautiful and perfect, especially when done by a skilled colorist. Most people decide to go blonde because of how flawless the style looks when done well. You should note that going blonde is not a decision you make overnight and go for.

There are various things you need to consider as an individual before going blonde. This is an important decision that is likely to affect your daily life, and therefore, there is no need to rush into it before you are sure it will work for you. The following are the factors to consider before getting blonde hair for a flawless look.

  • The Skin Tone

There are so many shades of blonde, and the best way to decide on the shade that will work for you is to consult a specialist.

It is always to go with the shade that matches your skin tone. Another person’s shade of blonde hair may turn out wrong for you despite looking very nice on them. This is the case because people have different skin tones.

There are no tips on how you can determine the shade of blonde that will fit your skin tone, and this makes it hard to decide. 

This decision is mostly made based on your color preferences and tastes. This should not be the case because the color of your skin and eyes plays a major role in the shape that will fit your hair. 

It does not matter whether you are light or dark everyone has their unique shades that colorists use to decide on the suitable blonde shade for their hair.

 Blonde Hair

  • Your Haircut

When changing the colors of your hair, it is important to consider your current cut. The nature of the cut determines how the coloring will go.

In the cases where you have fringe, you should get the hair cut beforehand so that the colorist can easily decide where to put the color. This helps in that you won’t have to cut any of the blond highlights if you do the cutting after.

The blonde fringes also need regular maintenance and this is why is best to cut the hair before coloring it. 

The growth is usually visible from the roots and this is why it is important to maintain the fringe regularly. Blonde hair usually has a big hair color change, and if you do not want to do regular maintenance when there is regrowth, it may not be a good hair color idea.

  • Your Budget and Lifestyle

This involves factors such as how much you are willing to spend on hair and the rate at which you make salon appointments. This plays a major role in determining the shade of blonde that will suit you.

Most blonde shades require regular visits to the salon because of the obviously visible regrowth. This means that you also get to spend more on hair appointments. 

If you do not like spending too much money on hair maintenance and time on salon visits, then a dramatic change of hair color is not a good decision.

When it comes to lifestyles, the type of outfits you wear and your nature of work plays a major role in deciding on the shade of platinum blonde.

 Blonde Hair

  • Your makeup and wardrobe

Dramatically changing your hair means that you will need to change your wardrobe a little bit. The hair is part of the outfit, and therefore the shade of blonde you choose should blend in with your wardrobe. 

When it comes to makeup, you will need to adjust the shades according to the type of blonde you color your hair. Factors such as eyebrows makeup may remain constant, or you can adjust based on your preference.

Going from dark to blonde is a drastic change that will obviously require some adjustments on your clothes generally.

  • Your Timescale

If you need a big color change, such as from black to blonde, you should take the time to achieve that perfect finish you are looking for. 

The first-time makeover will require a lot of attention and will take time to ensure every strand is turned into blonde hair.  It will also require you to be patient with the many salon appointments to help maintain the blonde color.